I work at Zoro on the newly formed Enrichment team as a Merchandising Automation Analyst. I operate somewhere in the intersection of product, data, and automation to build a scalable solution to collect and enrich product information.

I love learning and building things. More specifically, I like programming, fitness, investing, reading, and meditating. I frequently write for Towards Data Science and Towards AI on Medium publication.

If you want to get in touch, I’m most responsive over email and I tend to be pretty active on LinkedIn dot com as well.


I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University, NY. I also earned my bachelor’s degree from Mumbai University in Information Technology. I worked at Sinclair Broadcast Group as a Data Analytics Intern on a customer churn problem and modeling the LTV of the customer. I have also worked at Diadeis on the digital team as Data Analytics and Research Intern and collaborated with the marketing team to model customer behaviour and optimize the launch of marketing campaigns.

You can find my resume here