Zero to Zoro 🚀

Beginnings are special. After two amazing years at Syracuse University learning about Data Science, Machine Learning, and interacting with some of the brilliant professors and colleagues, I began a new journey with Zoro two months back. Zoro is an eCommerce, digital-first company that sells business supplies, equipment, and tools. This is my first full-time job, and I am very grateful to the team here at Zoro for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow in the middle of a pandemic.

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My 2020 in review 📆

When I started 2020, like many, I had set goals and resolutions for myself. But when I began goal setting for 2021, I realized that I failed to achieve most of my goals for 2020. So, I reached out to Kavir on Twitter because I highly resonated with his Tweets to seek help with goal setting and I received fabulous advice on doing a review of the year to better understand myself, my goals, and what has impacted me the most.

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Wage analysis is a process of comparing the salaries based on the attributes attached to the employee. Of course, there are several factors like the company, location which contributes to the wage. However, we will analyze the Mid-Atlantic wage dataset, which is available here

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Harsh Darji

Data Science | Basketball | Productivity

Merchandising Analyst @ Zoro