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The ROI of Marriage

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

You have got it all wrong if you believe the investment is all about money.

Investment isn't just money. Investment is time. Investment is energy. Investment is peace of mind.

Sure, the stock market can make you rich.

10% ROI from S&P 500. 20% from tech stocks. 100% from crypto? Maybe.

But what happens when the market crashes? You lose everything.

Investing in the right partner is the ultimate move. They'll have your back when everything else fails. It's the biggest decision you'll ever make with infinite ROI.

Time to Face the Facts

We're all guilty of living in an infinite browsing culture.

We're always swiping but never dating. We're always browsing, never committing. We're always starting a new book, but never finishing the last chapter.

In doing so, we've lost sight of what really matters in life. We have forgotten the value of commitment, the power of consistency, and the beauty of depth. Everything in life compounds, including relationships. We’re going to spend more than half of our life with our partner. So, it's time to commit to the right partner and let it compound.

How Do You Marry Right?

Marry the one that calls you back.

Marry the one that respects your boundaries.

Marry the one that values honesty, loyalty, and trust

Marry the one that would rather lose the argument than you.

Marry the one that makes you feel safe, loved, and accepted just the way you are.

Marry the one that challenges you to grow and become the best version of yourself.

Marry the one that prays for you & pursues you. every. day. without question.

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